About us

Milagra is an international flower essence producer and distributor since more than 30 years. The traditional company has originally been founded in Switzerland in 1982. The headquarters of the company now is Los Baños de la Luz Retreat Centre at the most southern point of Spain on the Atlantic side, in the mountainous coastal area. Milagra works with several branches and associates all over Europe and with partner companies in Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

Bach Flowers, FES, LIVING

Milagra´s purpose is to serve private customers, practitioners, resellers and distributors all over Europe with a selected range of flower essence.

Ethics and successful healing are Milagra´s priorities. Satisfaction for you and us should be on equal terms. For this reason our multilingual team is focused on personal contact and the contentment of the customers. Our flower essence range has been selected based on personal experiences. We strive for an authentic improvement of our customer’s well-being.

The storage of the essences is in a protected, environmentally pure warehouse, maintaining the full strength of our products. We do care for a pleasant atmosphere and try to live in harmony in our workplace.

We are limiting our distribution to flower essences and associated products, which contain flower essences. We have now a rather restricted product range of producers whom have proven to be trustworthy over decades and for who’s integrity and honesty we can vouch for. We no longer carry the products of suppliers and flower essence makers who cannot meet our high standards.

Our range of flower essences
Milagra Bach Flowers, Australian Living Flower Essences, Californian FES Flower Essences, Pacific Flower Essences, Himalayan Flower Enhancers, Desert Alchemy Flower Essences, English Bailey´s Flower Essences.